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This series of web pages has been assembled, by Jim Batten, from files provided by Mr. Ieuan James.

They were originally issued on a CD, with sleeve notes as follows:

Mae'r CD ROM yma wedi ei pharatoi gan Gymdeithas Rhieni ac Athrawon Ysgol Capel Iwan i nodi ymddeoliad Mr. Ieuan James yn 2004, ac i ddathiu ei wyth mlynedd ar hugain yn bennaeth ar Ysgol Capel Iwan.
Mae'r ddisg yn cynnwys dros 350 o luniau, mapiau, hen ddogfennau a ffieiliau testun sy'n berthnasol i haes yr ysgol, y capeli a'r ardal leol.
Cafodd y mwyafrif o'r deunydd gwreiddiol eu casglu a'u harddangos i ddathiu can mlwyddiant yr ysgol yn 1988.
Gobeithio bydd y ddisg newydd yma yn darparu deunydd addysgol ychwanegol i'r ysgol ac i fod ffynhonnell hanesyddol i'r gymuned.
Nid yw'r ddisg yma o bell ffodd yn fersiwn orffenedig a gobeithio bydd yr arggraffiadau a gyhoeddir yn y dyfodol yn cnnwys mwy o luniau, erthygiau ac ymchwiliadau. Gwahoddir unrhyw gyfraniad newydd gan aelodau o'r gymuned.

This CD ROM has been prepared by Capel Iwan PTA, to mark the retirement of Mr. Ieuan James in 2004, and celebrate his twenty eight years as head teacher of Capel Iwan School.
The disc contains over 350 photos, maps, scans of old documents and text files relating to the history of Capel Iwan School, the Chapels & the local area.
Most of the original material was initially assembled to commemorate the centenary of the school in 1988, and it is hoped that this new disc version will provide an additional resource for the school, and an historical reference source for members of the community.
This disc is not, by any means, a "finished article", as it is hoped that future editions of the disc will include additional photos, memories, articles and research; which are invited for contribution by any member of the community.

Note 1 -
On the disc is a spreadsheet file which contains notes relating to some of the photos, (dates, pupil, house & teacher names etc..) a summary of these notes being used in the file-name of each image, where possible. Please use the contact above, if you notice any errors in the dates, names or notes etc., or if you wish to lend any advice, photos, reminiscences or research, for inclusion in a future edition.

Note 2 -
An acknowledgement must be made to the late Miss. Eilwen Jenkins, (a former teacher at both Parcylan and Capel Iwan schools) who initially assembled and annotated most of the older photos in 1988, and thanks to Mr. Iwan Jenkins for allowing her work to be used on the CD.

The 2004 CD was split up into these sections: These sections have been added:
Ysgol Capel Iwan - Hen Luniau - Old Photographs of Capel Iwan school - section 1
1900s and 1920s
Unknown dates
1970s and 1980s
Ysgol Capel Iwan - 1970s to 2000s - section 13
Mostly unknown dates
Mostly unknown dates (flower bed construction)
Gelli Aur trip
Pobl a Digwyddiadua - People and Events - section 2
 with added items from the Village Carnivals and "Potted Sports"
People - section 15
Clubs and societies
Government bodies
Finding out about people
Merched y Wawr - the Welsh-speaking women's group - section 3
Pobl a Lleoliadau - Places & People - section 4 Places - section 16
    Capel Iwan Chapel
    Llwyndrain Chapel
    Panteg Chapel
    Pontgarreg Chapel
    Rehoboth and Chlawddcoch chapels - (original section 5 extended)
    Tanglwst Chapel
Other properties
Grade II Listing
Capel Rehoboth - Rehoboth and Chlawddcoch chapels - section 5
Hen Biliau - Old Bills - section 6
with added price comparisons to now
Ffermio - Farming - section 7
Ysgol Parcylan - Parcylan school (plus Pontgarreg Chapel) - section 8
Trips, etc. - section 9
Maps - this is a combination of sections 10 and 11,
covering 1831 and 1891 Ordnance Survey maps
with added links to other maps from the 14th. Century on
Aerial photographs - section 14
Hen Ysgrifau - Old Documents - section 12 General information about the village - section 17
Clubs and Societies
Resources for research
Interesting facts about the village - section 18
Additional images -
taken by Jim Batten of Pleasant View.

The files are in the same structure as the original CD except:

As it stated on the CD, this ... is not, by any means, a "finished article", as it is hoped that future editions ... will include additional photos, memories, articles and research; which are invited for contribution by any member of the community.

Please eMail me any further images and / or information which I will then try to include in the web pages.

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