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Covered by this site:
Sir Walter Raleigh (1552 - 1618).

British explorers covered elsewhere:
Enchanted Learning with searches by surname, area and date.
Wikimedia Commons (pictures, etc.) with searches by subcategories.
Wikipedia directory with searches by subcategories (but no Raleigh!).
Search for more British explorers using the search engine that doesn't track you.
 Starting with links by first name!

Education Forum select-the-answer quiz.

The Explorers Club British Chapter for current explorers.
British Exploring Society. Youth Charity. Organizers of expeditions.

General explorers covered elsewhere:
Infoplease with a range of biographies.
TimeToast. A time-line of explorers.

Historical figures covered elsewhere:
BBC History with a search by surname.

Repairing things:

Guide to repairing an old Kenwood Chef mixer gearbox.
Guide to repairing a Sanivite 3.
Guide to repairing an Atco Qualcast Trojan 18S lawn mower.
Guide to repairing a Qualcast E1 push lawn mower.
Guide to repairing an Electrolux ZA65 cylinder vacuum cleaner.
How to replace the controller of a Stanley Brandon Mark 2 cooker.
How to rewire vintage Christmas tree lights to make them safer.


Newcastle Emlyn singers - Cantorion. A resource for local Cymanfaoedd Canu singers.
SolFaSoGood. A program (under development) to convert Music XML scores to Sol-Fa.
"Devon, Glorious Devon".


Woodbury Common, East Devon.
The Capel Iwan Archive 2004. The contents of the CD-ROM originally prepared by Capel Iwan PTA.


Evidence against a £200 fine for using the Stratford Park and Ride.
How to fit a wireless reversing camera to a Peugeot 308SW estate.
Information about the Griffin GDXM Morris-1000-based kit car.

Other information held on this web site:

Photos by Jim Batten.
Clearer version of chart from 1940s Ministry Agriculture "Dig for Victory" leaflet -
 in PDF (1.4MB) and SVG (287KB) formats.
Hopefully usefull images to download.
Do-It-Yourself bookends which look like a tunnel.

Sites with ripped-off text from this web site:

SlideShare Powerpoint presentation by Dylan Wilcox.
Tim Sandberg's Genealogy Database.
Spickler and Rockwood Genealogy.

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