How to repair a Kenwood Chef A902 gearbox

This page is intended to be viewed along with my "How to repair a Kenwood Chef gearbox" which is based on the A701A Chef.

This page just shows the differences between the models.

The main differences seem to be the lack of a dog gear, it being replaced by a direct drive gear, and that some of the gears have angled instead of straight teeth (which obviously means that these parts are not interchangeable).

This shows the gears replaced in a dry run before re-greasing and assembly. Kenwood A902 gearbox main components
This shows the main gearbox component parts, possibly missing the thrust washer on the rightmost gear.
The missing thrust washer sits under the rightmost cog.
There's some debate about the existence of this washer so don't panic if you can't find it in your Chef.
Kenwood A902 gearbox with gears in place
This shows the gearbox with the old grease still in situ. Kenwood A902 gearbox with the old grease


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