Maps of Woodbury Common,

East Devon, England.

On-line maps -
- General maps.
This has been compiled from aerial photographs of the Common (see below).
a) the copyright to it belongs to Jim Batten and Devon County Council.
b) it is liable to be distorted because of the curvature of the Earth and because of the angle of view of hills and valleys.
c) it only covers a part of the Common, since I didn't know how long map-making took, even given an aerial photograph to trace.
Central section. Approx. 25Kb.

Martin Hesp's Western Morning News Westcountry Walks with a handy map of part of the Common.

To find the Common on other mapping systems, try the following latitude and longitude: 50.66116, -3.364148
- Historical maps.
During the last World War. Approx. 120Kb. This map is copyright Captain Steve Othen and was based on his ground surveys of the Dalditch area.

The Old Maps web site has a number of maps of the area available. Try searching for co-ordinates 304225 and 86725.

None are available yet, for this area, on the Ordnance Survey website. The historical Exeter and Sidmouth maps do not cover the Common.
- Aerial views.
The "Britain from above" project with various views of Devon.

Obviously, there's a Google view of the Common, but not searchable as such. Here it is:

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Maps to buy.
Various Ordnance Survey maps of the area are available.

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