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SolFaSoGood can take a music score, saved in Music XML format, and output a Sol-Fa version as a web page.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. The notes don't appear to be in the right place on the output.
Firstly, check the original score to see if the notes, which may look to be in the right place, are actually assigned to the wrong 'voice'.
Secondly, look through the messages from the program to see if the score is in a time signature that I haven't allowed for yet.
If this is the case, you could try sending me a message and see what I can do (there's a link at the bottom of this page).
2. Why did you choose HTML for your output?
By using HTML, the user can make all sorts of choices about layout by:
Choosing an alternative CSS style-sheet (when those become available).
Creating an alternative style-sheet.
Editing the HTML output file.
3. Braces (curly brackets) don't appear.
When viewing the HTML output file, you have to have access to the web, since the deep (not single character) braces are images on the SolFaSoGood web site.
4. Odd text and characters show at random.
There are a surprising number of odd 'stuff' to be found in XML files. If you have a look in the output HTML file and see where the oddity occurs, then you will also find a reference to the line number where the item was found. You could then edit it out of the XML file, or just edit the HTML file itself (this is not so good an option since re-running the program will over-write it).

Please let me know which of the mistakes you found in the above.

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