The Commando Training Centre Royal Marines,
Lympstone, Devon

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Some aspects relating to the local area do not seem to be covered there, and are therefore still mentioned, below -

Community Links

Royal Marines links within the surrounding communities are strong and a large number of former members of the Corps live in the area where they participate in many local activities. The existence of the camp at Lympstone provides East Devon with an annual cash injection of some M£20 per annum. Assistance is given by members of CTC to local and national charities and much fund raising takes place throughout the year. Many of the Royal Marines who live in the local area play an active part in the multitude of activities which are all part of the local community.

The Royal Marines at Lympstone strongly recognise the requirement to safeguard the flora, fauna and wildlife of the Commons and the local area in general. They are hoping to participate with Clinton Devon Estates in the Woodbury Castle Feature conservation project. Additionally each recruit who joins the Royal Marines receives a lecture during training from both the Commons and also the local RSPB Wardens about the local area. The Royal Marines stand ready, should they be required, to assist in firefighting on Woodbury Common and have done so on numerous occasions.

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