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SolFaSoGood can take a music score, saved in Music XML format, and output a Sol-Fa version as a web page.

The following are extracts showing what it does.

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Here are a few bars of "Troyte's Chant", drawn up in MuseScore.

The MuseScore format of "Choral / SATB Closed Score" was used.

They have then been exported as an Uncompressed Music XML file.

Here is the output from SolFaSoGood with only the filename parameter set, thus:

./SolFaSoGood 'Demo/Troyte demo.musicxml'

After this, the credits at the bottom are not shown on this page.

Here is the output with the first-level diagnostics parameter (D1) set, thus:

./SolFaSoGood 'Demo/Troyte demo.musicxml' D1

This allows you to see the layout of the HTML web page and adds the codes you can use to modify the order of the rows.

This is with the parameter set to just output the first voice's notes (1N), thus:

./SolFaSoGood 'Demo/Troyte demo.musicxml' 1N

Here is the output with the second-level diagnostics parameter (D2) set, thus:

./SolFaSoGood 'Demo/Troyte demo.musicxml' D2

This should help with any problems fitting notes into the bars.
It allows you to see the 'durations' of the notes and how the program does the fitting.

N.B. Notes may appear correctly positioned in the original score but have been allocated to the wrong 'voice'

This is the same score, with a lyric file included via the second parameter.

Verses have been split into two columns using the parameter (L2).

See below for the layout of the text file.

The Major key has also been selected by parameter (M) set, thus:

./SolFaSoGood 'Demo/Troyte demo.musicxml' 'Demo/Words demo.txt' L2 M

This is the contents of the lyrics text file for the above:

N.B. You can change the verse numbers.
A parameter of N2 would make the first verse show as number 2.

<lyric-title>Demonstration - Casablanca extract</lyric-title>
<lyricist>Felicia Hemans (1793 - 1835)</lyricist>

The boy stood on the burning deck
  Whence all but he had fled;
The flame that lit the battle's wreck
  Shone round him o'er the dead.

Yet beautiful and bright he stood,
  As born to rule the storm;
A creature of heroic blood,
  A proud, though child-like form.

Firstly, this shows in-line lyrics which have been taken directly from the Music XML score.

Secondly, this has had the bar controls (B6 and B7) applied. Thus six bars are shown on the first line, seven on the second. Then this is repeated for the third and fourth line.

Thirdly, a page number has also been added, using the PN2 parameter.

./SolFaSoGood '125 Maen Duw ni mor fawr/125 Maen Duw ni mor fawr.musicxml' M B6 B7 PN2

Please let me know which of the mistakes you found in the above.

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